3 Ways to Brighten Your Day Fast

Are you following the news? Are you working hard for a promotion? Are you ahead of your exams? Well, if so, you must be under a lot of stress. But even dealing with our everyday lives can leave us with our teeth clenched, our muscles tense and our heart pumping at the end of the… Read More »

3 Tips to Cooling Down on a Hot Summer Day

The best thing about summer is that it’s finally warm – you only need a pair of shorts, a light shirt and a pair of slippers if you want to go outside. The worst thing about summer is that it’s… hot – you are constantly sweating, seeking shade and cold drinks to be able to… Read More »

DIY Easter Decorations

Easter is closing in on us fast, with its tasty foods and uplifting traditions. If you don’t plan to leave town for the Easter holiday – kids tend to have school out around Easter, and many grownups also have their share of days off around this time – you will want to have something special… Read More »

Online Storage

I definitely need a data backup solution. My computer does not have an anti virus protection program. In other words, it is prone to getting infected with viruses. Actually it just got infected a few days ago. Fortunately, the infection was not that severe and I was still able to go online and download a… Read More »

Home Improvements | What NOT to Do

Yes, home improvement has gotten easier to do on your own these days but there are also those that you should not do by yourself if you are not trained or certified to do it. You might put your life in danger and cause major, costly damage to your home by trying to save money… Read More »

Lighting Fixtures

It is about time for us to buy a new ceiling light for our kitchen. One of the lights we have now is noisy and the noise is very annoying. My hubby said that it needs to be replaced soon. I like this Quoizel DK1720IS Denmark Semi-Flush Mount from Lighting by Lux. I’m not sure… Read More »

Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

It is easy to organize your kitchen, no matter how small or large it may be. You always have to take into account how much space you actually have and what your kitchen is always preparing. Space is often the limiting factor in organizing your kitchen. Of course, larger and more spacious kitchens would have… Read More »